Terms and Conditions

So, you're on board and it's almost time to start training together. To ensure that we get the most out of our time together there are a couple of important guidelines you are required to read prior to attending your first session.


Please ensure you arrive at the very least 5 minutes prior to our scheduled start time. In this time, you should be completing any warm up/mobilisations/activation work I have previously given to you. If this is your first session and you know how to operate cardio equipment, warm up there. If you don’t know how, please wait in reception for our appointment. Should you be running late for your session please advise me as soon as possible via text message. If you are late, I will do my best to ensure you receive your full session time. If there are clients booked after your session however, it may not be possible to extend as this will then flow on to each client thereafter impacting many. If I am running late, you will of course receive your full session time.

Cancellation / Reschedule

A minimum of 24 hours’ notice must be provided to reschedule your session. Less than 24 hours’ notice will result in a nonrefundable / forfeited session. This measure is in place to ensure that in the event you are unable to attend your scheduled session, it can be offered to another client wishing to work towards their goals. Without this condition, client’s miss out on their preferred training times, or miss out altogether. This condition is nonnegotiable to ensure client’s and my time is respected.

On the day & every day

Ensure you have kept yourself hydrated throughout the day, that you have obtained sufficient sleep the night before and that you have eaten well so that you feel strong and prepared for the session ahead. This will allow you to receive the most out of our time together.

No towel, no workout

Always bring a towel, wear appropriate gym gear and bring a water bottle with you to our sessions. The gyms (and trainers) policy is no towel, no work out!

Legal Consent

I understand that if I am under 18 years of age, I must provide consent to train with Miranda Halma from a legal parent / guardian.

Medical conditions / general health

Please keep me abreast of any changes to medical conditions/injuries. This will help me to always provide you with the most suitable training methods and reduce your risk of injury and assist you further in your rehabilitation/recovery. Any changes to your general health should also be brought to my attention.

Direct Deposit

Payment for Personal Training will be made a week in advance to secure your preferred training times. Should payment not be kept in advance your selected training time may be given to another client wishing to train at that time/on the waiting list. It is your responsibility to keep your payments in advance. If you have any financial concerns, please communicate directly me.

Gym Membership / Cancellation of PT

Should you decide to cancel your gym membership at any time, I will do my best to ensure any pre-paid Personal Training sessions are provided. In some instances, this may not be possible and any unused training sessions will be forfeited. In the interest of managing waiting lists, all prepaid training sessions are non-refundable.


Most importantly we are here to move, work hard and to have FUN! So, bring a positive attitude, a ready to work mind set and let’s have a few laughs along the way.