Semi Private training

Why My Style is Unique?

Semi Private Training is Personal Training, but with a twist! Designed to still give you the all the bells and whistles so you don't miss the connection, goal specific and individual guidance and personalised programming.

During the session, I spread myself between a maximum of 4 clients in a 1 hour session. After completing an assessment a program will be made specifically for you. Come training day, you will have components to complete yourself (after having been shown) like actively work on your warm up and then we will move through to your conditioning phase from your tailored training program.

At the end, we come together to finish. Some weeks will be dedicated to testing and re-testing of your original base line. Other weeks may be a work out of the week. One thing is for sure, you will get all the perks of a one on one coaching session, plus a small social element as well. Semi Private training takes the hassle out of trying to work out what to do, gives you guidance and a framework to move you closer to your goals every single day, and a more affordable option to coaching.

The Process

My process per session focuses on:

  • Warm up / Mobilise and Release:
    Self administered and designed from our one on one assessment. Weak muscles that are switched off or lazy need to be activated. We also need to tone down the muscles that are overworking, doing jobs they shouldn't be doing to allow our bodies to start firing muscles that should be actively working (here we are priming the body for the conditioning phase). We might wake up the core with some easy core drills, so it too is ready for the conditioning phase to follow.
  • Conditioning Phase:
    You will work through your tailored program working particular muscle groups through a range of exercises depending on your goals and the new habits we are trying to form.
  • Group Finisher:
    Together we will finish off the session with a group finisher for 5 - 10 minutes. Watch how the magic of teamwork lifts everyone!
  • Cool Down / Myofascial Release / Stretching / Mobilisations:
    Soft tissue drills, foam rollers trigger balls, resistance bands may all be used here, again, depending on what your body requires.

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