What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy consists of assessing pain and providing treatment solutions for soft tissue injuries and restrictive joint mobility caused by myofascia or muscle dysfunction.

The first step is to expect a consultation. Everyone’s pain is different and needs to be assessed properly in order to make sure the treatment solution provided is the most effective. There will be some testing, and potentially some treatment of soft tissues to effect change in their tone, pain and joint range of motion.

What treatment can I expect from my Myotherapy Consultation?

Treatment sessions include a range of modalities depending on your condition and can be coupled with specific mobility training to increase the speed of treatment. I may employ massage, thermal therapies, cupping, myofascial release techniques or dry needling. There may be home exercises prescribed also to ensure there is constant improvement.

If you think you could benefit from a Myotherapy Consultation or your body is holding you back and your feeling 'stuck' i'd love to discuss what's happening further to assess if coming in for Myotherapy consultation would be of benefit for you.

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