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Hi there, if you’re considering taking the next, or possibly your very first step in LOVING the body you reside in then congratulations on prioritising your physical, emotional and mental health, and in recognising that you deserve to absolutely cherish the body you reside in. I’m sure you’re looking to learn a bit more about me, so let me share my life’s work with you.

With 10 years’ collective experience in Remedial Massage, Myotherapy, Personal Training & Coaching, I've had the pleasure, and I mean truly the pleasure, of working with some amazing people who have set out to combat a wide range of health and fitness conditions, musculoskeletal dysfunction and emotional and physical barriers to living their BEST life – and then watching them not only succeed, but flourish.

Throughout my practice it became abundantly clear that my patients and clients could prevent treatment and the occurrence of injuries, manage a range of medical conditions, obtain a higher quality of life by reducing pain and increasing energy levels, and increase confidence and self-esteem all by participating in regular physical activity, corrective exercise and mindset coaching.

Regular physical activity not only increases your overall fitness levels, it reduces a whole host of long term health risks, whilst drastically improving your emotional and mental health too.

My goal is to simply help others live a happier, healthier and more vibrant life, in a body they can truly love. In a body they are connected with, and a body that is strong enough to take them wherever they may wish to go in life.

Having been an avid runner and ballet dancer for the first two decades of my life only to be diagnosed at 26 with Osteoarthritis in my knees, I know all too well the frustration, loss and pain that accompanies such conditions. But I also know the joy, the pride and the value in taking back that ownership of your body, finding new things that you love to do, just as much – if not more, and learning how to best navigate your new unique challenge, because that’s where I am today.

As a Master Functional Trainer, and passionate coach we can work together to create the BEST program for you by looking at where you are today, and where you want to be tomorrow.

I look forward to meeting you, hearing your story and working together to write a new chapter.

To you, your health and incredible body.

Miranda Halma


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